bliss is the
new bling

banish fear, self-doubt and insecurity

crank up
your vibes

curated crystal kits to amp your energy

hey self,
welcome back

connect to the power of your highest self

hey, you have awesome energy

Did you know crystals actually increase your body's electromagnetic field? We'll show you how to use our hand-selected healing crystals - charged in the Pacific Ocean, to attract love, health and abundance like a magnet.

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Awakening self-love
super charge your heart chakra, your center of self-love, joy and emotional healing.
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make money, honey
Get your crystal practice for creating confidence and attracting wealth.
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cuz it rhymes
buy 3. 1 free.
Keep them all or give them to your friends...or keep them all.
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high fives for high vibes

My crystal sleeps under my pillow every night!

Lisa S.

The crystals are gorgeous and I love my little piece of the Pacific

Kendra K.

I never leave home without a crystal now. Good vibes only.

Adrian M.

good vibes for all

socal gives back

Every crystal you buy to support your journey, supports the journey of working moms in developing nations. That's because SoCal Crystals only selects stones from sustainable sources that provide jobs and education to women in need.