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I’m Rooting for the ME Team Vibes

You Need Jasper If:

You spend much of your time taking care of the needs and wants of others instead of your own. Here’s a quick test to see if this is you...Ask yourself:  “If I suddenly had 4 hours of free time right now how much of that would be spent by myself, with my own thoughts, or doing something for me?” If your answer is anything less than 4 hours, better get some Jasper and make yourself a priority for once! 

  • Crystal: Jasper 2"-3"
  • Chakras - Heart, Solar Plexus
  • Energy: Amplifier 

how jasper works

If there were ever a mother figure in the crystal world, Jasper is it. It’s the “supreme nurturer”, sustaining and supporting in times of stress. It helps balance yin and yang, clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution, and elevates the self in an honest, loving way. It's also great to help you get organized and give you a swift-but-friendly kick in the you-know-where to say “HEY, don’t forget to take care of #1.” (You’re #1, fyi.)

the intention

call on the power of jasper

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the practice

give jasper its job

Jasper is especially effective when you just need some extra TLC. (or when you definitely can’t handle any more scrubs). It’s soft and gentle, likening it to a loving embrace. It offers an opportunity to increase personal positive energy, or give yourself permission to decrease activity and slow down to rejuvenate. Place somewhere in the home where you’ll be able to connect to yourself - and get in that much-needed me time.