Our Story

the wave of change

how it all started

our woo-woo friend

things began to change

obsessed in a good way

powered by the pacific

After being charged in the ocean, the crystals took on new energy. The ocean magnified the healing power of every crystal. We felt were more connected. More grounded. This renewed energy helped us set clear intentions and create sacred rituals around manifesting. Shortly after, synchronicities began presenting themselves and we experienced true transformation. Our dreams unlocked.

cosmically confident

powerfully protected

we believe

Unlocking unlimited potential is truly possible, for all. We are all equals, we are all one. Win-Win is the only way to play, and we always encourage play. We believe a complete person encompasses the mind, body and soul. Actions speak louder than words. We all have a spiritual connection to the ocean. Crystals are incredible tools to manifest your deepest desires

always give back

note from the universe