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No More Usin’ Illusion, Vibes 

Choose Vision If: 

You are ready to see past the illusions of fear, judgement and expectation so that you’re able to feast your eyes on the mind-blowing beauty of our intelligent universe. When you tap into the vision of your higher-self, you see the truth in every interaction. You see the opportunities in every situation. And you see how to love in the face of adversity. Vision pierces through “the veil” separating your limited view of the universe and grants you the ability to behold the greatness that exists just beyond what your physical eyes can see. 

  • Pyrite: Increases confidence, Improves willpower and follow-through, protective & deflective of danger. 
  • Apatite: Empowers goals, clears confusion, expands knowledge and personal growth
  • Chrysocola: Removes energetic barriers. Water-like qualities allow you to “go with the flow”
  • Tiger’s Eye: Courage, Passion, Abundance & Bold Action

    how crystal kits work

    Give your crystals a job

    The combination of crystals used in each kit has been specially chosen for their synergistic affects. Working with them all at once isn't necessary but it can be more powerful.

    Throughout the day, every time you become aware of the crystals around you, pause to remember your intention.

    Give yourself time to feel the emotions associated with it. The more you can feel these emotions, the stronger vibrations you will create. Cleanse your crystals with sage or selenite weekly to keep their energy flowing freely.