Calling Love
Calling Love
Calling Love
Calling Love

Calling Love

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Looking For Love In All The Right Places, Vibes

Call Love If: 

Your heart has had its share of bumps and bruises but you know that one of these days...when you fall in love...the right person will be there to catch you. When your heart is open to love’s energy, it will be drawn in like a magnet. Too often, we block love by trying to think and analyze our way through it. But love isn’t a problem for you to solve. It’s an endless wave for you to ride. Flowing to you, when you put yourself in its path. Tune yourself to love’s energy, and allow it to flow to you. 

  • Rose Quartz: Promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and peace.

wear your intention

Everything in life is vibration. Einstein said that and we agree. And when you tune your energy to the right frequency, your intentions come rushing into your life loud and clear. Crystals have the unique ability to conduct energy. They raise, amplify and stabilize your energy to make syncing up with your intention, easy. Choose the crystal-infused nail polish that aligns with your needs, and allow your vibes to rise.


power to the polish

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manifest that manicure

choose it

Real healing crystals are infused into every color of polish. Choose the color that aligns with your intention.

feel it

Allow yourself to feel the positive energy connected to your intetion each time you notice the color on your nails. This is the feeling of alignment.

live it

Your positive feelings will automatically become the thoughts, actions and habits needed to bring your intentions into reality.