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Besties With My Best Me Vibes

You Need Amethyst If:

You’re ready to make living your best life more than a hashtag. You’re ready for more presence, more acceptance, more connection, more bliss. And how about a few less mood swings to boot?! Most of us hide our true selves and bury our emotions just so we can pretend to be the perfect parent, child, employee, friend or spouse. That is until the train goes off the tracks in a spectacular blaze of glory. Before that happens…(ahem) again...it’s time to friend Amethyst to balance your mood and connect to your highest self. 

  • Crystal: Amethyst 2"-3"
  • Chakras: Third-eye, Crown
  • Energy Type: Amplifies 

how amethyst works

For centuries people have used Amethyst to connect more deeply to their higher, spiritual selves. From ancient Greek & Roman philosophers to Queen Cleopatra herself. She loved Amethyst before it was cool. Amethyst actually soothes your energy. That’s because its frequency helps open your third eye and crown chakras. Use the calming, purple crystals to promote self-acceptance, personal balance and enhanced intuition.

the intention

call on the power of ameythst

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the practice

give amethyst its job

Intuition is an amazing ability that we don’t emphasize much in Western culture. It’s the voice in your head guiding you. Use amethyst to strengthen your connection to your intuition, the voice of your higher self. Hold your Amethyst and repeat your freedom mantra to yourself. Focus on the emotion you’re now feeling. Every time you touch your Amethyst, feel these emotions again. Your positive emotions will quickly become the actions you need to bring freedom into your life.