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What’s Wrong With Being Confident? Vibes

You Need Tiger's Eye If:

You’ve ever said, “now’s just not the right time”. Tiger’s Eye works on unblocking the primal energies of your sacral and solar plexus chakras. The source of fearlessness, strength and bold action. It can help give you the courage to seize new opportunities. As a result, it’s often credited with attracting more wealth, more excitement and even better sex.

  • Crystal: Tiger’s Eye 2"-3"
  • Chakras - Sacral, Solar Plexus 
  • Energy: Amplifier

how tiger's eye works

The crystal properties of Tiger’s Eye work to amplify the energy fields of your lower chakras which hold the keys to your courage. Think of it as the coach for your inner fighter. Giving you the encouragement to overcome fear and take the risks in your life which will lead to your personal greatness. When you harness the energy of Tiger's Eye, your life will be given a boost from the ultimate power-crystal of the mineral kingdom.

the intention

call on the power of tiger's eye

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the practice

give tiger's eye a job

Confidence is built by recognizing lots of little wins more than any one single action. To make use of the power of Tiger’s Eye, hold the stone in your dominant hand. Connect to the emotions of confidence. You can choose to remember past wins and compliments. No win is too small! Allow the emotion to build. Every time you touch your Tiger’s Eye, feel these emotions again. Your positive emotions will quickly become the actions you need to bring courage into your life.