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“Because I said so”, Vibes

You Need Lapis Lazuli If:

The #1 thing standing between you and total world domination is...well, YOU. If you have trouble with self-expression, finding your truth, living with confidence, or if it’s difficult for you to make decisions without struggling - Lapis Lazuli is the vessel protecting you against waves of stress that enter your life. (In other words: if deciding on where to eat for dinner causes the same anxiety as choosing a career path...it’s time to find some inner peace and harmony!)

  • Crystal: Lapis Lazuli 2"-3"
  • Chakras - Throat, Third Eye
  • Energy- Amplifier 

how lapis lazuli works

The deep blues of Lapis connect to the throat chakra, perfect for expressing your needs, wants desires and truth. If you struggle to say how you really feel, baby, you found your stone. It also encourages self-awareness - so you’ll be able to finally assess those pesky “personality traits” you inherited from your folks! Lapis Lazuli is the ultimate, personal-power-boosting, expression-encouraging, wisdom-imparting hunk of universe.

the intention

call on the power of lapis lazuli

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the practice

give lapis lazuli its job

Connect to the wisdom within - and open up both the voice chakra (Throat) and the perception one (the Third Eye) at the same time! Carry Lapis Lazuli around, or place it in a prominent place where you work or need to think deeply and often. Press it to your forehead for epic Third Eye chakra connection.