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Let’s Get This Love Party Started Vibes

You Need Rose Quartz If:

You’re ready to dive into love’s deep end without a floaty. Which means you need to open your heart...like 24/7 IHOP open. It doesn't matter if you want to experience toe-curling romantic love, deeper friendships or truly expansive self-love, once your heart chakra is open, love in all it’s beautiful forms will flood into your life. And seriously what are we all doing here if not to experience love to the fullest?

  • Crystal: Rose Quartz 2"-3"
  • Chakra: Heart 
  • Energy Type: Amplifies

how rose quartz works

The high vibration, heart activator, Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone for unconditional self-love. Even if romance is your intended destination, self-love is surest path to find your soul mate. Rose Quartz has been used to amplify the heart chakra for hundreds of years. In Greek legend, rose quartz received its pink color from the goddess Aphrodite’s blood. And Romans believed Cupid gifted the powerful pink crystal to man as a token of love.

the intention

call on the power of rose quartz

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the practice

give rose quartz its job

Rose Quartz allows you to restore trust and ease pain in order to help you bring your heart center back to its highest frequency, If you have been holding onto negativity from the past, Rose Quartz can help you replace those dark feelings with pure thoughts of unconditional love. Whenever you want to connect to the energy of love, hold your stone to your heart and feel it sending energy to your mind, body and spirit.