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Add an Extra Shot of Expression, Vibes

You Need Carnelian If: 

Your life feels like a scene in a movie, except instead of an action-packed thriller, a cute rom-com, or a deeply awakening thinkpiece - it’s just the same mundane scene playing over and over in one endless, meaningless loop. If your excitement, passion, creative drive, self-esteem, and confidence have all given way to scripted niceties and repeated tasks - and you feel as if you’re just going through the motions to get by….Carnelian can carry you to new heights.

  • Crystal: Carnelian 2"-3"
  • Chakras - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
  • Energy: Amplifier 

how carnelian works

Carnelian is the chameleon of crystals, with an ever-expanding array of uses and benefits. Not only is the vibrant stone an epicenter of creative energy and expressive power, but it possesses unique stabilizing qualities to restore motivation, promote positive life choices, and empower all aspects of your life. For those with unresolved traumas or those who are quick to anger, Carnelian is a calming light full of love, openness, and trust.

the intention

call on the power of carnelian

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the practice

give carnelian its job

To stimulate the lower chakras - and encourage bold action - place Carnelian in a space in which you are prone to overthinking or overanalyzing. Use it to allow your passions to be revived and restored. Hold this crystal whenever you need a creative boost, an extra dose of confidence, or when you just want to remind yourself that each day is an opportunity to do things differently - and better than ever