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Started From The Bottom Now We Here, Vibes 

Choose Transformation If: 

You’re ready to take on the energy that serves you and leave behind the junk that doesn’t. You understand that nothing needs to be added to you in order to feel renewed, all you need to do is let go of the build-up of pain, fear, self-doubt and negative self-talk that’s been getting in your way. So who do you want to become? What traits do you want to share with the world? They’re already in you! Choosing to Transform simply means setting down your baggage so you can run towards your future unencumbered. So let go and then, let’s go! 

  • Tiger’s Eye: Courage, Passion, Abundance & Bold Action
  • Chrysocola: Removes energetic barriers. Water-like qualities allow you to “go with the flow”
  • Clear Quartz: Most powerful healing & amplifying crystal, regulates and unblocks energy.

How crystal bracelets work

Like all crystals, crystal bracelets work because of their unique natural properties. Their perfect, crystalline structure allows them to affect your energy. Taking it from low frequencies to high vibes. Wearing crystals as bracelets allows you to literally wear your intentions. Keeping you connected to that energy at all times. The more you stay in alignment with the frequency of your intention, the sooner your intention shows up in your life.

the practice

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