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Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow, Vibes

Choose Woke If: 

You’re ready to break free of the Matrix. You want to see beyond fear-based illusions created by your ego. You’re ready to live in the reality of love, guided by your intuition and powered by gratitude for all the gifts that are ready to be yours. Choosing to be woke means you are ready to stay in alignment with your highest self so that you can soak up all the incredible experiences this world has to offer. Live your truth, forget your fear and make sure to enjoy the ride. 

  • Amethyst: Enhances higher states of consciousness, Brings clarity and calm. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: Mental awareness & intuition, reclaiming power, taking charge of your life.
  • Clear Quartz: Most powerful healing & amplifying crystal, regulates and unblocks energy.

How crystal bracelets work

Like all crystals, crystal bracelets work because of their unique natural properties. Their perfect, crystalline structure allows them to affect your energy. Taking it from low frequencies to high vibes. Wearing crystals as bracelets allows you to literally wear your intentions. Keeping you connected to that energy at all times. The more you stay in alignment with the frequency of your intention, the sooner your intention shows up in your life.

the practice

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