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Packin’ Serious Personal Power, Vibes 

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You are ready to claim your throne of personal power. No more “my needs can wait”. No more letting others decide your fate. You have the power within to make greatness happen for yourself now.  Fear, insecurity and emotional trauma collect in the Solar Plexus chakra. When that energy stagnates, it becomes issues like negative self-talk (check), feelings of unworthiness (check), fear of failure AND fear of success (check and check) and often leads one to self medicate with things like alcohol, mindless eating, shopping and/or bad relationships (ug...all the checks). Unblock your solar plexus energy and retake control over the most powerful areas of your life. 

  • Clear Quartz: Most powerful healing & amplifying crystal, regulates and unblocks energy.
  • Jasper: Supreme nurturer, transmutes negative energy into positive, supports solar plexus.  
  • Carnelian: Restores vitality & motivation, promotes positive life choices. Heals trauma. 
  • Citrine: Promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.

how crystal kits work

Give your crystals a job

The combination of crystals used in each kit has been specially chosen for their synergistic affects. Working with them all at once isn't necessary but it can be more powerful.

Throughout the day, every time you become aware of the crystals around you, pause to remember your intention.

Give yourself time to feel the emotions associated with it. The more you can feel these emotions, the stronger vibrations you will create. Cleanse your crystals with sage or selenite weekly to keep their energy flowing freely.